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At Protect Hands, we focus on one thing and one thing only: supplying premium quality protective gloves suitable for a wide range of industries and applications. We source our gloves from the finest manufacturers, ensuring that all gloves are subject to rigorous quality control at every stage of production. We work hard to maintain a system of traceability and sustainable sourcing across our entire supply chain, while controlling costs to provide you with the most competitive pricing available.

We ensure that all our gloves meet the stringent certifications necessary for use across a range of sensitive industries and applications including medical and healthcare, food processing, chemical handling and more.

We prioritise safety, practicality and comfort in all our gloves. We only supply heavy duty gloves designed to provide specialist protection suited to your industry or application, while being comfortable to wear and ensuring maximum grip and dexterity.

When you shop online with Protect Hands, you can rest assured that you’re getting the finest quality protective gloves and the best possible prices, shipped to your door with minimal fuss. We ship Australia-wide and offer generous discounts for bulk orders.

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